We recently received the following request from our colleagues in Greece:
Hi to all 
I am writing to ask you for some help in relation to an article I want to write with Christina Vasilopoulou against the neoliberal model of education. There are elections in one month time in Greece (after SYRIZA lost the recent Euro-elections) and the neoliberal opposition has announced its programme for education which is a crude, neoliberal plan. They are using a lot of British made ideas on testing, assessment, private schools (which they call free schools) private universities, vouchers etc. 
Now I would like to ask you if you know some statistics or few articles which we could use in an argument against this project from UK.
Our article would be short and non academic for people to read. So we are not asking for a huge amount of material or difficult academic ideas etc. The main point would be the implications of such an agenda to schools, teachers and parents. So if you have something please share it with us. 
Thank you very much 
Kostas Amoiropolous 
To read the NATD response, please click here.

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